Ducati Streetfighter Sp First Ride Review

It becomes uncomfortable. You see, you are about to read an article about Ducati’s most targeted V4 Streetfighter to date. You expect it to be a sophisticated and special machine that deserves the Sport Production suffix. And you know what-you’re right. It’s okay. That’s very good.

Here’s the thing: they’re all exhausted. It’s over. Broken. In fact, less than a week after Ducati announced the 2022 Streetfighter v4 SP, everyone was speaking for them. Nevertheless, you deserve to know what is so special about it, what is different from the Streetfighter V4 s and, finally, how it behaves. You know, in case you’re one of the lucky ones to have one.

2022 Ducati Streetfighter v4 SP

When they’re hot, they’re hot, and Ducati sees the Panigale flying out of dealerships – especially the SP2. So why not give the street fighter the SP treatment? It was an obvious and wonderful movement that focuses the Streetfighter on the track more than ever.

+ Hen

  • Carbon wheels significantly increase the performance of the SF
  • The Panigale V4 suspension offers cruical support during difficult driving
  • One of our favorite rides is even better

– Sigh

  • You will wish to have wind protection at 175 mph
  • Is the dry clutch heavier? Oh, The Irony
  • They are all spoken for

Ducati Renaissance

Wouldn’t you know it, 2021 turned out to be the best Ducati sales year ever, despite a global pandemic. I think being locked up for a few years forced people to save money while inspiring these people to live for today, because who knows what could end the world tomorrow. With this new piggy bank and its Inspiration, more people than ever have flocked to the Ducati Panigale V4 (Ducati’s best-selling single model this year).

Then, when Borgo Panigale decided to raise the stakes and revive the production name SP or sport of the Panigale V4 SP2, the carbon fiber wheels, the STM dry clutch, the Brembo Stylema R calipers and a host of other small changes went further to make it even more track-oriented. You know what? It sold out in no time.

The next step was obvious. If it’s good enough for the Panigale, then we’ll do it with the street fighter. Thus was born the Ducati Streetfighter v4 SP 2022.

What makes a street fighter an SP?

Of course, it all starts with the Streetfighter V4S, a favorite among the Motorcycle.com employees. With a claimed power of 208 hp at pressure, the 1103 cm3 double-pulse V4 remains at rest, except for one thing: an STM dry clutch. In appearance, the dry clutch ensures better power transmission, but let’s not overlook that it is there, because without a dry clutch, no Ducati sport bike is quite correct. The slamming of a dry clutch is the quintessence of Ducati, and hearing it again on the Streetfighter SP seems easy… to be right.

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