Harley Davidson Low Rider St Review

Perhaps what I like most about the English language is its flexibility, the way you can put different words together and create something with a completely new meaning. When it comes to motorcycles, the words sport and tourism refer to two very different types of motorcycles. Sports motorcycles attach importance to handling, acceleration and braking, while touring motorcycles, as a rule, focus on loading capacity, driver comfort and long-distance ability. Combine these words, as in the case of the sports touring motorcycle, and you will get a range of motorcycles, ranging from sports motorcycles with bags to hikers who can turn better than you think. The reality of sports touring motorcycles is that most of them prefer the middle ground and interfere with both athletic ability and touring ability to create an extremely flexible motorcycle. What happens if you add a third word to the mixture? What do you expect from a sports tourist cruiser? Well, the people in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have done their best to define this motorcycle category with the Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST 2022.

Harley-Davidson Low Floor ST 2022

Harley-Davidson created a so-called sports touring cruiser and produced a motorcycle that tries to bring the performance and brilliance of the king of the excavator racing series to the Low Rider ST, while remaining true to its cruiser roots. While it’s incredibly fun on a winding road, its limitations become clear from the first ride.

+ Tops

  • Milwaukee – Eight mountains of 117 cubic inches of engine torque
  • Increased cornering clearance thanks to central control and longer shock absorber stroke
  • Good weather protection with sufficient air circulation to prevent the cockpit from warming up

– Sigh

  • Uncomfortable leg position thanks to central controls and low seat
  • Reduced storage due to thin saddlebags
  • Some style flaws


The biggest sporty component of the Low Rider ST is the Milwaukee-Eight 117 V twin engine. The 117 was once only available in Harley’s CVO models and will appear in all ST models for 2022. For those who don’t know, 117 cubic inches is a whopping 1,920 cc, and what you get from this air/oil cooled beast is a mountain of torque that provides the forward thrust. Harley claims 125 lb-ft of torque at just 3,500 rpm, which is enough to motivate the claimed 721 lb motorcycle with enough zeal to make even the jaded rider’s face smile.

And the engine looks like the part, with the heavy vent handle sticking out of the right side of the V. X 4.5 inches. the bore and lift cylinders (103.5mm x 114.3mm) are driven by a “high-performance camshaft”, which means that we don’t really know what the lift and duration are. The exhaust comes out via a pair of offset two-in-two shotgun silencers that have enough bark to satisfy most drivers.

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