Kawasaki First Ride Review

“I’m not a fan of Darth Vader’s look.”

This is a line that we often hear when we test one of Kawasaki’s sporty bikes, especially from the Z family of naked bikes. Known internally as the Sugomi design Language, Kawasaki states, “Someone or something Sugomi possesses inspires awe, leaves an indelible impression, is of a daunting stature or ability, and commands respect.”Maybe it is or maybe it’s not, but the angular lines and the sharp folds also alienate a part of the motorcycle world that likes the modern engineering and performance of Kawasaki’s Z line, but could do without the Sugomi style.

Model: Kawasaki Z650R 2022

Following in the footsteps of the Z900RS, the Z650RS transfers the modern retro theme to the Z650 Naked Bike and opens it up to a whole new audience of potential customers.

+ Hen

  • Cool retro style inspired by Kawi’s past
  • Super comfortable
  • This 650 P-Twin is a fun little engine

– Sigh

  • The seat and the tank are not designed for sporty driving
  • Missed the mark on some of the finer fit and finish details
  • It seems a bit expensive, doesn’t it?

Take the Z900 for example. It’s a fun bike that some riders really didn’t want to look at. This is clearly a problem. This is how the Z900RS was born. For this, Kawasaki has channeled the style cues of its own Z1 from the early 1970s to attract current riders who were excited about the Z1 as children. Kawi’s own data show that it was about something: the age demographics of Z900 buyers compared to Z900RS owners are clear: the average age of Z900 owners is 40 years old. That’s 57 for the Z900RS.

With the new Z650RS that we have here, things are getting interesting because the average age of Z650 owners is 34 years old. However, with the Z650RS and its classic style, Kawasaki considers the bike attractive for potential Z900RS riders who don’t want or need the power and want to get off. On the other hand, the Baby RS is important because millennials (i.e. people born between 1982 and 1999) make up the largest population of current or potential motorcyclists today-many of whom see and appreciate the appeal of classic style over aggressive Sugomi Design. In this sense, the Z650RS not only fills a gap, but, ironically, also paves the way for the future.

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