Piaggio Bv Review

The saying is massively hackneyed, but there really is no substitute for postponement. This is the case of the updated Piaggio BV 400 s – BV 2022, which stands for Beverly. For several years, Europeans and Americans have been getting along very well with piaggios BV 350, but stricter Euro 5 regulations have forced manufacturers to comply with the rules if they want to continue doing what they are doing; selling products.

Piaggio BV 400 S 2022 for sale

A larger engine for 2022 turns the BV 400 s into a fun scooter, which is also extremely convenient, especially considering today’s gasoline prices.

+ Tops

  • A surprisingly funny and lively engine
  • Nice, too
  • It’s fun AND budget-friendly at the same time

– Sigh

  • You are stuck in a sitting position
  • There is a noticeable vibration when the fan turns on
  • Some would prefer a real key to a keychain

For the most part, this meant a readjustment of motorcycles and scooters to meet the new regulations at the expense of electricity (or at least a revision of the location of this electricity). It’s fine for motorcycles with a lot of horses at the beginning, but when you play in the scooter area, every little horse counts. Piaggio’s answer to the BV 350? Of course, more movement!

Packing On The Muscle

For 2022, the BV 400 S will receive a bump of up to 399 cc for its single-cylinder engine, which gives a claimed power of 35 hp-17% more than the 350 it replaces. Piaggio also claims that the torque is up to 28 lb-ft, which is 20 percent higher than before. We have to take Piaggio at his word, since we could not put the BV on the bench, but simply judging by the bench, the BV 400 really moves!

Thirty-five ponies may not seem like a lot, but the BV 400 had no problem winning drag racing between traffic lights. There is an initial delay on the first accelerator pedal, which is common on scooter CVTs, but compared to other models of the class (we see them, Suzuki Burgman 400), the delay is barely noticeable. The power seems to be always there when you need it, which is comforting if you often feel vulnerable when riding a scooter in crowded cities.

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