Suzuki Gsx First Ride Review

It’s always fun to read the armchair quarters of our beloved idiots in the comments when a new motorcycle appears, and the latest iteration of Suzuki’s naked GSX-S1000, harumph, was no exception. Some hate the new angular style, others defend it. Some lament Suzuki’s death in general, others admire the ingenuity of the company to do with more less. Times. And everyone knows how he could do it better.

Suzuki GSX-S1000 2022 for sale

Suzuki’s big naked bike formula has not changed and we are grateful for that. However, the introduction to the modern world of the Euro 5 brought with it a number of interesting upgrades and new features for the ride.

+ Tops

  • An Ooomph medium even softer than before
  • The new standard automatic quickshifter with rotatable type is the bays


  • New large 5-gallon tank- but no cruise control
  • It’s hard to justify spending more on a fat naked bike…
  • Except maybe the green overfed

At the same time, as always, the rumors about the death of the Hamamatsunian manufacturer are greatly exaggerated, and the new GSX-S1000 is what it has always been – an accessible, very powerful, frill-free motorcycle for the masses-and a significantly improved one compared to the somewhat disappointing katana that we traveled to Kyoto a few years ago. I mean, I wasn’t disappointed at all thanks to Wagyu beef and toto washlets, but a lot of other people were.

It is interesting to see how, after 50 or 60 years of selling motorcycles to the rest of the world, some things still cannot be translated. When I talked to a Japanese product planner on site for the launch of the new GSX – s about the reasons why the Katana was not gaining momentum in America, I pointed out that many people thought that the 3.2-gallon gas tank was simply too small. I mean, a lot of people say it. It still seemed a little baffled, but maybe just pretending that the new GSX-S carries a 5-gallon tank that should give it a range of almost 200 miles. Much larger than the Katana and even half a gallon larger than the current GSX-S.

Clean and Green

The GSX-S was supposed to be upgraded to Euro-5 emissions, so Suzuki moved the entire motorcycle to the 21st. This gave them the opportunity to program three new riding modes, a five-step traction control and an improved ABS system – all without the benefit of an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), which is fine for most buyers and keeps the price at 2200 less less than the Katana and at the same price as the outgoing GSX-1000. The new bike even gets a standard high /low quickshifter, a rotating style that fits over the gearshift shaft and works wonderfully.

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